Weekly Workouts: 2-3-13 to 2-9-13

Good morning everyone! It’s a chilly and frosty Sunday morning here in South Georgia.   So I’m bundled up in a blanket, sipping a steaming cup of coffee, and hoping that the temps rise before my scheduled afternoon run. While I prefer running in cooler temps, I get grumpy if I have to run when the thermometer dips below 50.  ( Major props to those of you who run in much colder climates.)

My run this afternoon will kickoff what I hope to be the start of  a great week of workouts. Here’ s what my schedule looks like this week:

workouts 2-3 thru 2-9-13


A few things to note about my training.  My running girls and I still have our sights set on running the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon.  However, we have a few local 5K’s and 10K’s that we’d like to improve our time in.  So our plan is to use our weekday runs to focus on increasing our 5K speed.  The Saturday runs will be devoted to running a 5K at race day pace and then adding extra mileage per the Galloway training plan.  Those extra miles will be covered using the Galloway method (run/walk intervals). 

Since we will be running quite a bit, I decided that cross-training was very necessary. So I’m adding in 2 day of “aerobics” each week. Those days might be an aerobics class (taught by me), a workout DVD, or even a swim — not running. Additionally, my husband and I are once again lifting weights together. 🙂   We opted to follow the Men’s Health Beach Ready Workout Plan.  The plan consists of 4 phases each lasting 2 weeks. The phases have 3 workouts which mix upper body and lower body exercises. The goal of the plan is to increase strength and build muscle.

Lastly, I am participating in Amanda @ Run to the Finish ‘s Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.   The challenge officially begins tomorrow, so if you are interested click the link and register before it’s too late. 

Alright, I smell eggs and turkey bacon wafting thru the air. Think that means the hubs has breakfast ready.  Chat with ya’ll later.

What workouts are you tackling this week? 

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