Weekly Training Plan: 3/11/13 – 3/17/13

Okay,so this post is a few days behind schedule. I normally post my weekly workouts – which I’ve now started calling my weekly training plan – on Sundays.  But I was so busy living life on Sunday that there was no time to blog about it.

Better than never, I suppose?

3-11-13 thru 3-17-13

Last week, I told you that the hubby and I would be following an 8 week training plan from Men’s Health for our weight training.  But after a few workouts, we realized that while the plan was challenging, it didn’t fit our lifestyle at the moment.  To complete the workouts, we needed to be in our home gym from 45 minutes to an hour.  And when you’re the parents of an active 3 year old, it is hard to find that much time to spare – or to keep her occupied with other tasks for that long.  Frustrated with what I felt were less than stellar workouts, I suggested to the hubby that we commit to the Supreme 90 Days DVD series. 

The series is similar in style to P90 or P90X but only a fraction of the cost. I picked up my set for $20.00 at the local Dollar General.  The hubs and I have dabbled with the workouts in the past – and have gotten a good burn – but have never fully followed the suggested plan. Now we are.  I love the fact that the workouts can be completed in my living room and require minimal equipment.

Last night, we took the first DVD “Chest & Back” for a spin.   Our daughter was able to color and play in one corner of the living room – even opting to join us for a few of the moves. (i.e. sit on our backs while did push-ups).  At the end, she grinned and said “I love working out with you, Mama & Daddy”.

That alone is reason enough to follow the plan.  But the fact that my chest/back muscles are groaning in protest this morning means I got a great workout in – in only 30 minutes.  I’ll be talking more about the DVD’s tomorrow (as well as sharing the hubby and I’s before pics and stats).

Your turn:  What’s on your training plan for this week?

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