Sunrise Circuit Workout

Good morning ya’ll!   It is Thursday and we are in the down-hill slide into the weekend!  While I look forward to every weekend, this one is extra exciting as the hubs and I will be having Part 1 of our 4 year Anniversary celebration.  This year we are celebrating our anniversary of the course of 2 weekends.  The first weekend consists of  activities that I planned and the second weekend will be all about the hubs.  This weekend we escaping to the neighboring town for an overnight stay at a hotel,  a 5k run for Charity on Saturday morning, and an afternoon of shopping. 🙂   How can I not love a guy who enjoys running and shopping with me?

I kicked off my morning with the Supreme 90 Day Tabata Inferno DVD.  The workout is 35 minutes in length and centers around Tabata – 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. The various circuits consisted of either 2 or 4 moves that were repeated using the Tabata method until 4 total minutes had elapsed.   The workout was quick, but left me a hot, heavy breathing, sweaty mess.  So while I go shower and get ready for the day, why don’t you check out this circuit workout that I was inspired to create for you?

sunrise circuits


Your turn:  Do you like circuit style workouts? Have you tried the Tabata Method?  If you are married, how do you and your spouse celebrate anniversaries?


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