Sunday Launch: 3/17/2013

Sunday afternoons are probably my favorite time of the week.  My husband and I strive to make Sunday afternoon the time where we have absolutely no plans, no to-do lists – a time where we can just rest before the  business of the week settles in.  I really notice a difference on how I feel on Mondays now that I am using Sunday afternoons as a restful period.

This past week was pretty good.  I managed to get in all of my planned workouts, ate on plan 90% of the time, got a good amount of rest, and handled unexpected work stress in a healthy manner.  The highlight of the week was a phone chat I had with Amanda from Run to the Finish.  Amanda is hosting a Spring Challenge – part of which includes weekly group chats that are meant to encourage and empower.  During our chat, Amanda asked what 1 thing could I do to ensure that I was working toward my goals (lose 20 lbs).  I told her that for me my biggest key to success was planning ahead – specifically planning my lunches.

When I plan my lunches and bring them to work, I eat on plan the entire day. But on those days that I don’t plan ahead, I either make a run thru the drive thru or skip lunch altogether, which leads to mindless snacking before dinner.  Either way not good.  So Amanda challenged me to set aside time each Saturday afternoon to plan and prep my weekly lunches. She also suggested that I only bring lunch 4 days a week, allowing 1 day a week for eating out with co-workers.  She said that 1 lunch out would allow me to focus on enjoying the meal rather than worrying over “not blowing it.”

So I am taking her advice. I planned out my lunches yesterday afternoon, prepped them earlier this morning, and am planning on enjoying lunch out with co-workers on Friday. 

So what’s going in my lunch bag this week?

1. Frittata with honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and peach fruit salad

2. Applegate Farms sliced ham, avocado, and roasted almonds

3. Turkey meatloaf with roasted broccoli

4. Grilled chicken salad

In addition to planning out my lunches, I have mapped a meal plan for our family dinners this week. I am trying a few new recipes and will be sharing one of them later this week in another installment of “Inside Kim’s Kitchen”.

Last thing I’ll share in this post is my weekly training plan.  It is nearly identical to last week’s plan but I have added in a few extra runs. The hubby and I ran/walked a 5K on Saturday and finished in 36 minutes. Given that I ran/walk the 5K with minimal training and finished just 3 minutes slower than my personal record, I am motivated to try and train for a new 5K PR. The extra runs will allow me to build my endurance again and incorporate some speedwork.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Time to go stretch out on the couch and catch a quick nap.

Your turn:   What lunches do you take to the office?  Workouts you are looking forward to this week?  Tell me about the workouts you’ve got planned this week?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Launch: 3/17/2013

  1. That’s awesome that you have a plan. I do way better if I have a plan than if I try to just wing it. I typically always have salad for lunch along with something…..sandwich, soup, leftovers…..stuff like that. I ran a 5k this weekend and rocked it! Has me so motivated for my training this week…looking forward to my tempo run on Wednesday. Have a great week! 😉

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