Wednesday Weigh In: Not Buying Into the Number

I have decided to play along  with the fabulous Roni and share my weekly weigh-in on Wednesday.  Basically, each Wednesday morning, I’ll snap a picture of my scale and then post it here for all the blog world to see.

While I don’t believe the scale is the end all be all, I think it is a good tool to provided me information about my progress. I huge swing up or down can indicate something is off, with my body long before other issues arise.

This morning the scale said 151.8 (I snapped a pic but my camera apparently ate the photo). 😦

That number is down from where I started last week at…..155.

But, I did battle a NASTY stomach virus for nearly 48 hours, so I am chalking the big drop up to a bit of dehydration and lack of any real food.

I expect to see the number go back up next week, but hopefully not by too much.

Your turn:  Do you weigh yourself weekly? If not, how do you measure your progress?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh In: Not Buying Into the Number

  1. I hate the scale.. lol.
    The past year it has been going up and up (15lbs), but when I look in the mirror, I know my hard work is paying off. I will weigh myself once a week or so, but don’t do a thing with the number and it really doesn’t affect my day or anything.
    Look for other ways to measure; you’ll feel so much better!

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