Not A Goodbye…

I created this blog almost a year ago. I wanted to use it as a way to document my journey to my healthiest life.  I posted a few entries and soon I had regular readers.

The one night, I responded to a Tweet about needing live bloggers at the awesome Fitbloggin conference.  And I got chosen.  So in September of last year, the hubs, daughter and I headed to Balitmore.  I spent 3 days meeting a group of seriously awesome, amazing, wonderful, loving, giving people – who I am now blessed to call my friends.  I also left on fire and ready to really crank up the dial on my blog.

So I kept posting, tweeting, Facebooking, creating features and weekly post series.

But somewhere along the way – I got lost.  The blog began to take time away from my family, and my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle failed.  I began to grow angry at those who experienced weight loss success while I struggled.  I’d blog about my healthy habits while eating ice cream.

I was living a lie in order to keep face on my blog….

So I stopped blogging.

And I learned two things:  1. Spending time with my family and friends is WONDERFUL and 2. I miss blogging.

I have struggled with what to do. How to continue to be a part of the blogging community without compromising my family, my friends, my healthy, and maybe my sanity.

After much prayer, I have decided to stop blogging here at “Redefining Kim”.  I have a family blog that I have written at for nearly 4 years. And for this season of my life, that blog seems a better fit.  I still plan to share about my weight loss journey, but that will be secondary to documenting my life with my handsome hubby and beautiful little girl.

I hope you understand.

I hope you’ll keep in touch.

This is not a goodbye.

Just a see you later….or around at Kim and Mikey Got Married.


Advocare 24 Day Challenge Check-In

I had every intention of documenting my progress on this challenge on a weekly basis. But life got the better of me – and blogging fell by the wayside.  However, I did want to share my results thus far (I am on Day 15 as of this morning).

The first 10 days  of the challenge were the  Cleanse Phase.    For me the cleanse phase felt like someone had pushed the reset button on my body. During this phase, I lost 6 pounds. I attribute the weight lose to the fact that I was eating Basically, clean, non-processed fruits, veggies, nuts and lean protein. I also drank half my body weight in water (i.e. 70-80 ounces.) I drank a fiber drink in the morning on the days the plan told me to.  When I needed a boost of energy, I would sip on water mixed with my Spark mix.  And I took the supplements per the plan.  During the first 10 days, I had the option of drinking a Meal Replacement Shake when I could not eat a real meal. This was especially handy when traveling for work. I would have a shake rather than a hotel breakfast bar. Loved the Chocolate Mocha Flavor!

Days 11 thru 24 are referred to as the MAX phase.  In this phase, I am continuing to eat clean. But my normal breakfast is replaced with a Meal Replacement Shake and I am taking a new supplement, MNS Max3. The supplements come in a strip of 4 packets joined by perforations so you can tear each one-off. The first pack should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast or your first meal, the second should be taken 30 minutes before lunch (I set an alarm for this so I don’t forget), and the bottom two packs can be taken with either breakfast, lunch, or one with each. My preferred method is to take the pre-breakfast pack with Spark right when I wake up, and then I have the two bottom packs with my Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast. Then the only thing left is the pre-lunch pack. By lunchtime there should be nothing left to take!

Six days into the Max Phase, I am down another pound. But more importantly I FEEL better. I have more energy, I am clearheaded instead of “fuzzy” feeling, and my residual tummy issues seemed to have disappeared.  And best of all, I have kicked the Diet Soda habit. 🙂

I am eager to see what my final numbers are – both in weight and inches lost – at the end of the challenge.  So check back in a few days for the final review.



Mama on the Move: Dubya Wife

Happy Monday Ya’ll! I’m back to blogging with a looong overdue “Mama on the Move” feature.  This week I’m happy to share with you the lovely and hilariously funny DubyaWife.  I met DW at Fitbloggin last year.  As I stood around talking to a few other attendees, she grabbed me and said “I heard your voice…you must be from the South.”  Her Louisiana drawl revealed a fellow Southerner and we spent the rest of the night entertaining our northern counterparts with our accents. 🙂

But enough from me, let’s hear from DW.

1. What was your turning point moment? Tell me about the moment/moments you realized you needed to make changes.

October 12, 2009 was the first day of my journey. I remember it well because the night before I had broken down in a slobbering depressive tear-fest. Essentially I was at a point in my life where I felt like I was trapped. I thought things were terrible and I didn’t really like who I was as a person. I kept pushing off losing weight and getting healthy as something I could only do if the timing was right. So on Oct. 12 I made a decision – just for today I’m going to be healthy. Then the next day I decided to do the same, and the next and the next. And over 3 years later I’ve lost at most 80 lbs and love the way I’m living.

2. What was the easiest healthy habit to adopt?

Breakfast. I didn’t use to eat breakfast at all when I was at my heaviest. In fact, most of the time it consisted of a high sugar latte from a coffee shop. But now I eat breakfast every morning and in fact I get hungry about 30 minutes after I first wake up. It’s become a necessity to have breakfast for me. If you’re not a breakfast eater I recommend starting it. It’s a small change that will affect your nutrition and metabolism drastically!

3. The hardest?

I have many but eating right and keeping up regular exercise is always tough, but funnily enough drinking enough water is still a challenge for me. I’ll go through phases of drinking enough but then I’ll have a day or two where I completely forget. Days that I drink water (especially in the morning) I feel great, so I know it’s good for my body. It’s just a habit that’s never really hooked. *takes a gulp of water*

4. Tell me about your favorite workouts.

I’m completely addicted to a High Intensity Interval Training at my local gym called “Art of Strength.” It uses kettlebells, plyometrics, lifting, core training, and more to give a full complete strength and cardio workout (very similar to crossfit). After an hour of the workout, I’m sweaty and tired, but I can feel how strong I am. I go about once or twice a week because I’m *always* sore after a workout. It makes me feel powerful. You can see me in a video about it here

5. Share your favorite healthy meal.

Goodness, I have so many! Recently I think I have fallen in love with Spaghetti Squash with meat sauce. I’ve recently changed to a “paleo” or “whole eating” nutrition lifestyle and love it. But once that happened, my family cried at the notion of not having breads or pastas. So I’ve tried to do a good job of supplementing those cravings. Spaghetti and meatballs is one of the family’s favorite home cooked meal, so this is a great alternative – and we love it more than pasta! Other favorites are roasted brussel sprouts, mashed cauliflower, bacon wrapped asparagus… this list goes on.

6. How do you balance motherhood and healthy living?

To me – they go hand in hand. In order to *be a mother* I have to be healthy. For my husband, for my daughter, and most importantly for me. I think we’re all familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed or having a loss of control. When I make my health (and the health of my family) a priority, everything else seems to fall into place. It’s like steroids for my life! I try to include my family in all my activities My daughter and I occasionally do yoga together. Sometimes my husband will go for a run or walk with me. They know how important it is to me and so they help out with support and love.

7. Do you have a personal mantra? If so, what is it?

“If you have a problem – do what it takes to solve it” It was something my
mother would say to me when I would whine and complain about something. I
didn’t really understand the depth of that statement until later in life. It’s empowering. Once we realize that we have the control and decision making to our whole lives, it gets better. It reminds me to drop the “I’m a victim” mentality and really take the bull by the horns. So when I feel like I’m slipping or depressed – I try to solve the problem. I keep moving forward. Everyday.

8. If you could share just one lesson you’ve learned with other moms, what
would it be?

In my early life I always felt like I was the victim and that it was impossible to really get what I wanted. Everything else came before myself because I felt like I needed to serve others before me – and I became resentful of that. It almost cost me my job, my family, and my life. It wasn’t until I took control of my actions and control of my health that things really started to change. Understand that your health journey is *so much more* than just weight loss and looking good in a bikini. It’s about who you are and getting comfortable with that person. Take the opportunity to really focus on how important your health can be and, trust me, you’ll change.
DubyaWife (Dub-Yah-Wife) is an blogger with a passion for all things Social
Media. Blogging for over three years DW (her weight
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