Advocare 24 Day Challenge Check-In

I had every intention of documenting my progress on this challenge on a weekly basis. But life got the better of me – and blogging fell by the wayside.  However, I did want to share my results thus far (I am on Day 15 as of this morning).

The first 10 days  of the challenge were the  Cleanse Phase.    For me the cleanse phase felt like someone had pushed the reset button on my body. During this phase, I lost 6 pounds. I attribute the weight lose to the fact that I was eating Basically, clean, non-processed fruits, veggies, nuts and lean protein. I also drank half my body weight in water (i.e. 70-80 ounces.) I drank a fiber drink in the morning on the days the plan told me to.  When I needed a boost of energy, I would sip on water mixed with my Spark mix.  And I took the supplements per the plan.  During the first 10 days, I had the option of drinking a Meal Replacement Shake when I could not eat a real meal. This was especially handy when traveling for work. I would have a shake rather than a hotel breakfast bar. Loved the Chocolate Mocha Flavor!

Days 11 thru 24 are referred to as the MAX phase.  In this phase, I am continuing to eat clean. But my normal breakfast is replaced with a Meal Replacement Shake and I am taking a new supplement, MNS Max3. The supplements come in a strip of 4 packets joined by perforations so you can tear each one-off. The first pack should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast or your first meal, the second should be taken 30 minutes before lunch (I set an alarm for this so I don’t forget), and the bottom two packs can be taken with either breakfast, lunch, or one with each. My preferred method is to take the pre-breakfast pack with Spark right when I wake up, and then I have the two bottom packs with my Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast. Then the only thing left is the pre-lunch pack. By lunchtime there should be nothing left to take!

Six days into the Max Phase, I am down another pound. But more importantly I FEEL better. I have more energy, I am clearheaded instead of “fuzzy” feeling, and my residual tummy issues seemed to have disappeared.  And best of all, I have kicked the Diet Soda habit. 🙂

I am eager to see what my final numbers are – both in weight and inches lost – at the end of the challenge.  So check back in a few days for the final review.



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