Not A Goodbye…

I created this blog almost a year ago. I wanted to use it as a way to document my journey to my healthiest life.  I posted a few entries and soon I had regular readers.

The one night, I responded to a Tweet about needing live bloggers at the awesome Fitbloggin conference.  And I got chosen.  So in September of last year, the hubs, daughter and I headed to Balitmore.  I spent 3 days meeting a group of seriously awesome, amazing, wonderful, loving, giving people – who I am now blessed to call my friends.  I also left on fire and ready to really crank up the dial on my blog.

So I kept posting, tweeting, Facebooking, creating features and weekly post series.

But somewhere along the way – I got lost.  The blog began to take time away from my family, and my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle failed.  I began to grow angry at those who experienced weight loss success while I struggled.  I’d blog about my healthy habits while eating ice cream.

I was living a lie in order to keep face on my blog….

So I stopped blogging.

And I learned two things:  1. Spending time with my family and friends is WONDERFUL and 2. I miss blogging.

I have struggled with what to do. How to continue to be a part of the blogging community without compromising my family, my friends, my healthy, and maybe my sanity.

After much prayer, I have decided to stop blogging here at “Redefining Kim”.  I have a family blog that I have written at for nearly 4 years. And for this season of my life, that blog seems a better fit.  I still plan to share about my weight loss journey, but that will be secondary to documenting my life with my handsome hubby and beautiful little girl.

I hope you understand.

I hope you’ll keep in touch.

This is not a goodbye.

Just a see you later….or around at Kim and Mikey Got Married.

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