I’m Back

Over a month ago, I posted that I felt my time of blogging her at “Redefining Kim” had run it’s course. I said I wanted to focus on blogging at my family blog – sharing stories of marriage and motherhood.

And I have.

But it has always felt like something was missing.

And it was…but I just could not define what.

Yesterday as I checked Twitter before my morning commute, I saw dozens of tweets about FitBloggin. Reading those tweets had my heart hurting and tears feeling my eyes.

Suddenly it was clear what was missing.

My community.

I was missing the dozens of friends I made at Fitbloggin last year, the connections that I created thru this blog.

So I’m back.

Things will be different this go round. I am blogging with no strings attached, no demands on myself, no secrets or agendas. My posts will be open, honest (I’ll share about the days where giving into my bingeing demons is tempting), and possibly infrequent (I would rather be experiencing my healthy living journey than blogging about it).

But I started this blog a year ago because I thought I had a message to share, and I still feel that way. And now, I realize that I also have a place in a wonderful community of passionate, inspiring, amazing, awesome, ROCK-STAR fab people…and I want to reclaim that place.


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