CrossFit: My First #WOD

Last September, I was able to participate in a Crossfit workout while attending Fitbloggin.  After the workout, I told my husband that I would LOOOVVEEE to have a CrossFit box near us.

It took nearly a year, but on Monday, a high school friend opened CrossFit Alma.

Yep, my tiny town now has its own box – and I am uber excited about it.

My first workout was on Tuesday.

The warmup consisted of 4 rounds of:

10 air squats

10 pushups

10 lunges

After the warm-up, we spent a few more minutes on air squats. Ryan, our coach, wants us to have the form down perfectly – and it is hard. But the extra work is going to pay off.

We wrapped up air squats and turned our attention to the WOD.  Ryan was going to have us do the following for 5 rounds:

10 kettlebell swings

10 burpees

10 situps

I did the workout in 11 minutes and 15 seconds, using a 35 lb kettlebell.  I was dripping in sweat and exhausted by the end.  But I also felt incredibly strong.

My next workout is tomorrow and I can’t wait. I guess you could say I’ve drunk the CrossFit Kool-Aid!

Alright, off to enjoy the rest of my July 4th holiday!




Eats and Sweats

In my last post, I shared with all of you how I am viewing my weight loss journey as a spiritual one…and as a result have found my want-to. But there is more to losing weight than wanting to, it requires work.

It means eating less and moving more.

And that is different for each and every person.

For me, I am doing the following:

1. Using the meal plan from Bobbi @ NHerShoes Summer Shred Program.
2. My cardio routine also comes from the Summer Shred program (3 times per week)
3. My strength routine is 3 days of Cross fit. Yep, my hometown finally has a Cross fit box.

I’ll be doing my first real WOD tonight, and will recap tomorrow. In the mean time, tell me about your eats and workouts these days.