Another Restart

I could sit here and type about all the things I have done wrong on my journey to my healthiest life.  I could offer excuses for why I have chosen to eat processed foods rather than real foods, why I chose to skip workouts, have another piece of cake, or stay up late rather than get my much needed 8 hours of sleep.  But I am tired of excuses.

I could tell you all that this time is going to be different. I could outline my plan – step by step, day by day – list my workouts, the meals, the goals.  But I am tired of writing words that I fail to back up with actions.

Instead, I am simply going to blog that I want to have the healthiest life that I can, and the only way that is going to happen is if I pursue it.  And when I have been most successful in pursuit of that life, is when I am here blogging about my journey and connecting with people. 

So I am here…

I am trying….

And I hope you’ll follow along…

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