It Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing

Back in July, I squealed with glee and did a happy dance in my kitchen when I learned that my tiny hometown was getting its very own Crossfit box.  As soon as it was announced that “Crossfit Alma” was coming, I signed up.

And after nearly 2 months of workouts, I thought Crossfit had taught me some very important life lessons. Lessons that I shared over on the uber cool, super awesome Dubya Wife’s blog.

But tonight I realized that Crossfit has taught me one more thing………

The WOD at our box tonight was a doublet of Russian Kettlebell swings and pull-ups. We would start with 20 reps and pyramid down to 12 reps. My coach told us that women were to use the 50 lb kettlebell.  Well, a few swings into the routine I felt a twinge in my back.  Without missing a beat, I switched to the 35 lb kettlbell and kept going.  I finished the WOD  and felt great. Didn’t I feel bad that I hadn’t done the WOD exactly as prescribed. NOPE…not one bit. I pushed myself hard and did the best I could.

That’s when it hit me.

This journey of living my healthiest life doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

For years, I have thought if I didn’t follow my workout schedule to the letter, eat 100% according to plan, take my vitamins daily, stretch, foam roll, and whatever else – then I was failing and that was license to just throw in the towel.

Now, I finally realize – it’s okay to have pizza with my parents on Tuesday nights (and it’s okay if I enjoy that 3rd slice) because I know that I eat clean the other 90% of the time.

I finally realize that it is okay to skip a run in favor of a rest day – even if it is not on my plan – because listening to my body is far more important.

I finally realize that one day of not taking my multi-vitamin is not going to derail all of my efforts. 

I finally realize that for me the healthiest life I can live is one that is balanced.

Today I can run faster (and longer) than I could when I was running 6 days a week.

Today I can lift more weight than I did 2 months ago and more than I have ever lifted in my entire life.

Today I am stronger and fitter than I was at 18 years old, or even at my lowest weight.

I have no idea how my balanced living approach will impact the scale. But truthfully, I don’t really care. I still plan on stepping on it once a month just to ensure that I remain in the healthy weight range for my height. Beyond that, I no longer see value in that number.

And for someone who spent most of her teens and 20’s chained to the scale that’s a HUGE thing.



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