4/40 Challenge

I have not been done a lot of goal setting lately.  Sure, I have vague ideas of things I’d like to achieve in the coming days, weeks, months…even the next year.  But life has been busy so I haven’t really set down to flesh out those vague ideas.

Add in the fact that the busiest time of the year (THE HOLIDAYS) looms on the horizon it would seem best to postpone goal setting until the new year.  Truthfully that had been my intention, until I read this post from Krissie.

I felt inspired.

I felt challenged.

I felt like this was something that I could do – something that would help me ease back into goal setting and to build momentum for the new year.

I wanted to sign up for the 4/40 challenge.

In a nut shell the 4/40 challenge, allows you to set a goal (or goals) in 4 key areas of your life: nutrition,  fitness, self-care and family time.  In addition, you determine how many days you wish to complete each goal.  This challenge is entirely customizable and feels less high pressure – as it is not all or nothing.

Then I sat at my kitchen table and thought, and prayed, thought some more, and finally nailed down my goals for this challenge.


I have 2 goals in this area. The first is to drink absolutely 0 diet sodas for 38/40 days (I am starting the challenge 2 days late so I can not expect 40 for 40). The second is to log my food every.single.day. – again 38/40  History has proven that when I log my food I tend to make better overall choices. Sure, I may still eat off plan or indulge in a non-paleo food – but tracking helps me to be more aware of what I’m doing.


I will practice double-unders for 10 minutes 30 out of 40 days.  I am seeing big gains in terms of strength at my Crossift box. However, I am struggling with mastering double-unders.  My coach has repeatedly told me that they will come with time – but since it is a skill that we only see once a week, I need to devote time to them outside of a WOD.


I will wear make-up 35/40 days.  I know this goal may seem a bit shallow…. so hear me out.  When I wear make-up (even simple powder and lip gloss) I feel more confident. Moreover, it shows those around me that I care about myself – that I’m putting my best face forward (pun intended. And since I work in a corporate environment it always helps to appear a bit more polished.


Again 2 goals in this area.  First, I will spend 30 minutes a day playing with my daughter 38/40 days.  As I said earlier, our life as a family is busy.  And all too often there is little time during the week to stop and play with my daughter – or at least that was my thought. Then I took  a honestly look at how I was spending my time – and I realized the laundry can wait till her bedtime – so 30 minutes a day whatever she wants to play.  Second, I will purposefully pray for my husband 38/40 days.  This are not the hurried or simple “Lord, keep him safe prayers” I whisper just before I drift off to sleep. These will be scripture based prayers that I offer up for my husband – prayers to help him grow in his faith.

So there you have it, my goals for the 4/40 challenge?  Want to join, then click on over – it’s never to late!


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