It’s been awhile

Hello to the one or two of you who may still be reading my ramblings. I know it has been quite sometime since I posted to this blog of mine.  I have to say that I have missed sharing my story and journey with you. But the time away was good for me – it helped me to clarify my voice and vision for this space.

<u>So what’s been happening with me? </u>

Well, first and foremost, I’m pregnant!



Baby #2 is due to arrive on July 11, 2014.  This pregnancy has been ENTIRELY DIFFERENT than my pregnancy with my daughter.  From 6 weeks on, I’ve battled morning sickness.  Then at 8 weeks, I had a threatened miscarriage which was caused by a subchorionic heamtoma.  Following this incident, my doctor but me on a modified bed rest routine.  Basically, I could go to work and then come home and sit on the couch.  For a solid month, I could not exercise at all, pick up anything heavier than a few pounds, do housework, or be on my feet for extended periods of time.  For someone who is naturally active, the month was torture, but I kept telling myself it was for the health and safety of the baby my daughter has nicknamed “Pumpkin”.

The bed rest paid off. At my last check-up, the bleed is nearly resolved. My doctor gave me the green light to start doing walking and light aerobics.  So my exercise routine has changed from running and Crossfit classes, to long walks and Physique 57 DVDs.

On the work front, I am taking on more and more job responsibilities.  This has been challenging, demanding, and rewarding all at the same time.

<u>So What’s Going to Happen with the Blog?</u>

Redefining Kim started out as a blog that was to showcase my journey to finding my healthiest lifestyle. Initially, I shared recipes, workouts, weigh-ins, and my fitness goals.  And while all those things were easy to write about, the blog always felt incomplete.  Then it hit me.  I was using this blog to define myself as a “fitness blogger”  but I’m more than that – I’m a wife, a mother, a working woman, and more.

So I made the decision that Redefining Kim will become the place where I share my life.  Yes, the bulk of my content will still focus on healthy living – as it is my passion.  But I’ll be sharing pregnancy updates, stories about my spunky soon to be 4-year-old daughter, and anything else that tickles my fancy.  I hope that this approach will feel more authenticate to me.

So here’s to a new year,  a new journey, and a revived Redefining Kim.

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