Review: The Walk App

During the 8th week of my pregnancy, my doctor placed me on modified bedrest – which meant that I could go to work, sit at my desk for 9 hours, then return home to lie on the couch till bedtime.  It was a miserable time for someone who was so use to being active.

However, I knew her recommendations were a precaution due to the subchorionic hematoma I was suffering.  When the bleed resolved at 13 weeks, I was certain that I would get the green light to return to my regular routine of running and Crossfit. Instead, I was told that I could walk, and if I tolerated that well then we could add in low impact aerobics in 4 weeks.

While I was not happy with the news, I was grateful just to be able to move again. However, the winter weather, and early sunset made walking outside nearly impossible so I was relgated to the walks on the treadmill.  Two walks in and I thought that I would die from boredom.  No amount of good music, reading material, or television show could distract me from the mind-numbing boredom of the “dreadmill”.

Then I found an app called “The Walk”. The Walk is an app very similar to Run Zombies.  Users complete a certain amount of exercise in order to unlock the next

How the App Works

The plot of this story features you as an average person who has been mistaken for a spy and been given a package that a group of terrorists desperately wants to get their hands on.  In Episode 1, the train that you were going o be on is blown to pieces and the terrorists begin to chase you.  You have no choice but to walk to your next destination.

To find out what happens next, get walking. I absolutely loved how the app rewards my movement with the next piece of the story. It was definitely motivation to keep walking. Additionally, you can receive points for completing tasks such as finishing an entire episode in 1 day or finishing an episode without being inactive for more than three

If you like, you can have the app to run all day in the background, then keep your phone with you at all times to track your movement and progress you further throughout the episode.  While this is a nice option, I don’t use it much as I reserve the episodes for dedicated orkout times.
There are 65 episodes with 800 minutes of audio. The amount of time it takes you to walk to the end of the story should equate to about three months of daily activity. That means that  should finish up the app about the time that baby #2 arrives.

Final Thoughts

The app is designed for someone on a low-impact exercise routine. You will be unlocking new content, even if you don’t take dedicated walks. The app tracks ALL of your movement. It will track all of your movement – even trips to the office water cooler and back Even count toward your progress. So if you aren’t big into high-impact exercise  but could use a little motivation for getting off the couch, this app might do the trick.


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