Bringing it All Together

Last week I was cleaning out my book collection when I stumbled across this…..


It was my story that was featured in Caitlin’s book Operation Beautiful. As I read the words of the 27 year version of myself, I realized that somehow my life had gotten vastly off course.  Granted, I am 4 years old with a child, a second on the way, and a career with more time demands. But reading over that, I realized that while the life I am living is blessed it is NOT the life I wanted to live 4 years ago.

So I began to think….HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

As I thought back to those days before my daughter’s birth, I had a two  important realizations.

1. My life has become very compartmentalized.  

– Back then there were no clear lines between my work life, my family life, my fitness or my blogging. I routinely shared my work struggles or blogging adventures with family, I used my blog to share about more than a desire to lose weight, and my husband and friends were my closest workout buddies.

-Now, I don’t discuss work at home. I don’t share a lot of family stuff on the blog.  And I’ve been working out solo more — and it isn’t working.

– So I am doing a few things to change that and to bring more unity to the various areas of my life.  The biggest is that I am working on unifying my 2 blogs (family and healthy living) into a single site.  There will still be separation for those who want to skip the stories of family but this feels more natural to me.

– Second, my extended family and I are beginning to follow The Daniel Plan (more on this is another post).  This means that we are planning healthy meals each Sunday afternoon, shopping together for the ingredients, and preparing the meals together each evening. Last week was a test run – and I loved it. Not only did I eat better in the evenings the stress of preparing meals was greatly reduced as I shared the responsibilities with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

2. I used my workouts to train for specific goals….not a number on a scale.

-I am pregnant so weight gain is inevitable. However, even prior to pregnancy I had begun to view my workouts as a way to get my weight down.  Four years ago, my workouts were my way of training for 5K races and to prepare for a healthy delivery of my first daughter.

– It is a shift in thinking but I am starting to view my workouts as a way to train to “walk” 2 upcoming 5K races, and to prepare my body for the delivery of my second daughter.  In just a week of thinking of workouts that way, I have started to truly enjoy my workouts again.

I am excited about the insights that I have gained in the past week and the changes I am implementing to get my life back on the course I want it.

Your turn – Any major realizations for you lately?


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