Developing Action Steps

In my previous post, I shared with you 2 major realizations that I had reached with regards to how I was living my life – and the impact that was having on my overall health. Additionally, I shared a few actions that I was going to take to realign the life I’m living with the life that I want to be living.

Since pushing publish on that post, I have been pondering on how I could create a concrete list of actions steps that expounded upon the ideas in that post.  After 24 hours of thinking, discussing with family, and bending the ear of a few friends, I have my list. I thought I would share it with you.

1. Rid our home of junk food –  Last night, my husband shared with me that he has to come to realize that his diet is 75% clean but that percentage is not getting him to the places that he wanted to be.  I went on to share with him how I was learning that I couldn’t out-exercise a bad diet.  We committed to each other to not bring processed junk food into our home.  This morning, I bagged up all the boxed cookies, bagged chips, valentine’s day candy, and other foods that do not fit into our new eating plan (more on that soon) and threw it away.

2.  Using MyFitness Pal to record my meals –  When I was living what I term my healthiest life, I was keeping a food journal – not because I was tracking calories or macronutrients, but as a visual way to understand the food that I was putting into my body. Often knowing I would have to track that candy bar or slice of cake at the office party was enough motivation to say no.  I am going to strive to record my meals daily and share those with my husband as a method of accountability.

3. Use my weekend afternoons to meal prep –  On Saturday afternoons, I will prepare my weekly breakfasts (egg and ham cups), lunches (mason jar salads), and snacks.  If I prep the meals ahead of time, I have no excuse for not making SMART choices.

4.  Do T-25 workouts 4 days a week, complete 2 upper body workouts a week, and 1 long walk on weekends. All of these workouts will be considered training for the 5K’s I will complete before baby arrives in June. – I will be joining my college roommate and hubby to complete the  Pi Mile Road Race in April and my running group to finish the Blueberry Festival 5K in June.

Four actions steps that I feel are going to go a long way in helping me to get my health (and life) back on track.


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