FitMixer Bootcamp: Week Two Recap

The first week of Fitmixer Bootcamp was absolutely amazing. Perhaps it was the excitement of starting a new program, the fact that I gave 110% effort on the workouts, or that I was more relaxed than I had been in months – but the first week of the bootcamp brought a 4 pound weight loss.

Then the second week started….and I felt as though I had run head first into a brick wall.  I felt as though I was struggling thru each workout, I couldn’t seem to get my eating in check, and my water consumption was way down for the first half of the week.  But then I headed up to Baltimore for FitBloggin 2012!   As I interacted with a plethora of inspiring people, sharing my story, learning theirs, I was reminded that this is a journey.  And like all good road trips – there will be stretches that are traffic free with beautiful scenery, and other times the road will be full of potholes, and nothing to look at out the window but more cars.

As I sat quietly reflecting during one of the breaks at the conference, I realized that I was trying to push my bodyto do too much, too soon.  If the workout called for 3 to 6 repeats, I was doing 6 even when my body was telling me enough.  No wonder I felt burned out.

 Week 3 started this morning,  and I welcomed it with open arms. My plan is to give 100% effort to the workouts while realizing that my 100% effort may fall short of the recommended guidelines. And that’s okay!  Part of being healthy is honoring my body.

To help get my eating back on track, I spent several hours this morning prepping my breakfast, snacks, and lunches for the week. I filled several water bottles with water, and they are in my fridge just waiting for me to grab. When I finish one, I immediately grab another. Seeing the water bottle in front of me reminds me – HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!

I will happily report – in spite of my lackluster effort during week 2 – the scale stayed the same! And that was with a few extra treats (double chocolate gelato!)

Are any of you doing the Fitmixer Bootcamp?  Did you struggle this week?  How do you handle an off week in your health journey?


Fitmixer Bootcamp: Week One Thoughts

Last Monday, I started the 8 week FitMixer Boot camp program. I had read about the boot camp on a variety of my favorite healthy living blogs, so when the registration for the next round of boot camp opened – I jumped at the chance to sign up.  I knew that I needed to “shake up” my current fitness routine and FitMixer Boot camp seemed like the perfect way to do it.

One week in and I can say that I absolutely LOVE it.  Here are the things that I loving about boot camp so far:

  • The workouts are short – so far the longest workout has only taken me 40 minutes, which means I can do them in the mornings and still have time to shower and get ready for work. By being able to workout in the mornings, my evenings have been freed up so that I can spend more time with my family.
  • The workouts are effective – I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday evenings stretching, foam rolling, and resting my sore muscles. I am sore in areas that I have NEVER been sore before….it is a testament that my body is being challenged.
  • The workouts only require my body weight – this means I can complete the workouts at home, at the gym, and while traveling.
  • The nutrition plan has opened my eyes to my real eating habits. One of the requirements of the program is that we eat 6 meals a day and track our eating in MyFitnessPal. After just a week of tracking my eating, I can see that a) I am waiting too long between meals (i.e. eating breakfast at 7 a.m. and lunch at 2 p.m. means I am starving and eating too much) b) I often eat out of boredom around 4:00 (watching the clock at work?) and c) I have not been eating enough fruits and veggies.

I plan on posting my thoughts about each week of boot camp on Mondays so check back for more information next week.  And just a disclaimer: I received no compensation from FitMixer for this post. I paid my own fee to join the boot camp and the opinions in this post are all my own.