Here I go Again….

The last time I blogged I had a plan. I was mapping out my daily lunches, creating meal plans for our family dinners, and vowing to train hard as to improve my 5K time.

I was riding high and feeling great.

And then I came crashing DOWN.


I can say that I got busy….and that’s true.

I can say that I felt tired and run down……. and that’s true.

I can say that I was more focused on getting thru the day than making smart choices…. and that’s true.

But the real truth is – I just stopped caring.

I had spent nearly a year trying to lose 20 pounds – running, lifting weights, eating Paleo, trying workout plan after workout plan – and saw little success. I kept telling myself that it was hormones, or my thyroid, or my body being weird.  The truth of the matter is I’ve been phoning it in for 365 days. 

Once I moved past my eating disorder, I made living a healthy lifestyle a priority. I ate well, worked out, and really took care of myself.  But living a healthy lifestyle is filled with difficult choices. It is choosing to get up at 5:00 a.m. for your workout rather than hitting the snooze button. It is choosing to spend time meal planning, shopping for quality ingredients and preparing healthy meals. It is choosing to turn off the t.v. and skip the season finale of The Walking Dead so that you can get 8 hours of sleep.

And my inner brat was sick and tired of making the right choices all the time. So she decided that I could just do the right things…some of the time.   And some of the time soon became more and more infrequently.

And after a year of half-arsed efforts, I thought “I sick of this. Let’s just live!”.  I wanted to eat the chocolate, skip the workouts, hit the snooze button, and stop worrying about the scale, what my blog readers would say, or how my fitness goals stacked up to those of other bloggers.

So I did.

And I hated it.

After nearly a month of living life at the other end of the spectrum, I realize that I enjoy eating cleanly, I find pleasure in my workouts, and that phoning it in or not caring at all is NOT who I am or what I want to do..

So I’m back.  However, instead of trying to find that 1 great workout plan or the 1 magic diet that will change my body forever, I’m going back to the basics.  Or at least the lifestyle choices that made me feel my best.

1 aerobics class per week

3 runs per week

3 lifting sessions with my husband per week

Taking my lunch to work

Eating dinners at home that were Paleo or Paleo-inspired.

And while this list may  seem daunting, reading it leaves me feeling more energized and excited about the future than I have in quite some time. 

(Deep breath)

I’m ready now…let’s do this!




Making the Committment and Remembering my Motivation

*This post will contain discussion about my actual weight, the number of pounds I’d like to lose, and other similar themes. If discussion of weight could possible be a trigger for you (as it was for me during my eating disorder) feel free to skip this post and come back tomorrow.

weight 3-3-13

150 pounds.

That’s the number that I saw when I stepped on the scale this morning.  And while it is a healthy weight for my height and build – it is on the heavier end.  Moreover, it is 6 pounds higher than what I weighed at the end of Roni’s DietBet on January 31st.  It is also 21 pounds heavier than my lowest weight in November 2011.

For nearly a year, I’ve told friends, family, coworkers, even virtual strangers that my body was “out of whack’.  That I had gained 20 pounds between November 2011 and January 2012 and nothing…NOTHING…I did would make the pounds budge.  And I thought it was true.

Then I signed up for Roni’s DietBet.  I began to track my calories, push myself in my workouts, bypass the deserts, and I saw the scale move down.  And I felt good.

But life happened – work got busy, family life got busier, I was tired.  It became easy to phone in my workouts (or skip them altogether), eat fast food for lunch rather than pack my own, swipe just “one or two” of the Hershey’s kisses in the candy jar.  And this is the result.

So it’s time to be honest.  I have gained 20 pounds. Not because my body is “out of whack”, not because of hormonal issues, illness, or anything else.  I’ve gained weight because I have stopped during all the things that I once did to lose it.  For me that’s:

  • Consuming a net 1250 calories per day (that’s calories consumed less calories burned during exercise)
  • Running for at least 30 minutes twice a week, and 60 minutes once a week.
  • Cross-training (via aerobics class or DVD) twice a week.
  • Lifting weights for 30 minutes 3 times a week.
  • Not eating extra sugar
  • Limiting (or hopefully eliminating) my consumption of diet soda.

All of those things are doable.  I have done them before – during a time in my life that was far busy and more demanding than now (can you say the early days of motherhood).  I just haven’t wanted to do them for awhile.  But this morning, that number on the scale was my wakeup call.  Half-arsing it is not going to cut it anymore. Time to get focused.


It’s not about losing the 20 pounds – although that is a goal and would be nice.

It’s because of these two people:


My husband wants to lose weight. And while he is fully capable of achieving his own goals. It is much easier to do so when you have a partner – encouraging in your workouts, helping prepare healthy meals for you to eat, and reminding you of what you hope to achieve.

And our daughter, who will develop her body image and ideas about eating, working out, and healthy living from us.  And I want her to not have to think about reaching for the fruit instead of chocolate, to see exercise not as a way to burn calories but as a normal party of her daily routine, and to love her body no matter what the scale says.

So here I am, declaring for all the blog world to see, my committment.  I will lose these 20 pounds. I will once again live the healthy life that I was embraced.  For myself, for my husband, for my daughter.

Game on!


February Review and March Goals

Hey ya’ll! I intended for this post to go up yesterday but I spent the afternoon playing dress-up, tea party, and princesses with my daughter instead. Then I spent the evening preparing for her birthday party – which was earlier today (pics to come tomorrow…if you are interested in that stuff).

Anyways, it is the 2nd day of March and I am reflecting on February and setting my goals for the remainder of March.

To recap, my February goals were:

1. To Read my Bible 30 minutes a day

2. Have 3 date nights with Mikey.

3. Eat Paleo for 30 days

4. Treat myself to a mani/pedi

5. Seek out 2 guest posting opportunities.

How did I do?

I met goals 1, 2, and 4. However, stress, looming deadlines, and some mixed up emotions came together to derail me at day 21 of my 30 days of Paleo. But at least I was able to recognize what had happened and got myself back on course. The stress and deadlines also meant that I did not devote much time to blogging in February, so no time for finding guest posting opportunities.

If I was grading myself, I would say that February’s performance earned me a B – which is better than the B B- that I gave myself for January. That’s progress!

Now, what am I aiming for in March?

March 2013 Goals

I think most of my goals for the month of March are pretty easy and attainable.  The spiritual journal is really just an extension of my daily Bible reading, with the blueberry farming season picking up my weekends are spent at home which means I could easily devote a Saturday to a Mama & Joycie Day.  I’ve already done 21 days of Paleo, so an extra 9 days shouldn’t be much of a stretch. I just need to be sure to plan ahead and follow my plan!  I need to just pick a day and schedule the massage. Most of my efforts in March will be focused on the blog. Yes, I have 3 items under that heading – ambitious I’d agree – but I think that if I’m smart and work at it, I can do all 3.  And in turn, the blog should reap the benefits.

For now, I am posting this entry and heading back to the couch.  The weather is turning rainy and cold which means snuggling under a blanket with my hubby and daughter.  I’d call that a great Saturday afternoon.

In the meantime,  tell me about your goals for March?

January Review and February Goals!!!!

 Is it really February? I swear that just yesterday I was digging out the Christmas tree and trying to figure out last minute gifts. Now, I’m helping Joycie pick out Valentine’s for her classmates, baking lots of heart shaped goodies, and working on a special Valentine’s Day surprise for the hubby. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Anyways…. Let’s review my January goals:

january 2013  goals

Overall, I would give myself a B- for meeting my January goals. Here’s why:

Bible Reading: I managed to read my Bible daily for 2.5 out of the 4 weeks this month. And while that’s progress, it was not a complete goal.

Date Nights: This goal gets a BIG FAT F! Not a single date night in the entire month. Yes, we were busy. Yes, there were illnesses, and late nights at work, and other issues beyond our control. But it is crucial that Mikey and I get time alone as a couple. Must. Work. On. This.

Cooking 3 New Healthy Recipes: I knocked this goal out of the park. This month I prepared: Paleo Chick Parm, Dijon Porkchops, Everyday Paleo’s Crockpot Beef Stew, and Peppered Steak! 4 new recipes prepared and they were delish!

Fashion: I put a lot more thought, time, and effort into getting dressed this month. And while I didn’t snap pics of every single thing I wore, I feel like I got what this goal’s intention was – to make the effort! 

Blogging:   Another homerun on this goal. I launched 3 new weekly features on Redefining Kim: Mama on the Move, Work It Out Wednesday, and Favorite Thing Fridays.

So what I’m shooting for in February….

feb 2013 goals

Read my Bible each morning: I noticed a big difference in my mood and outlook on the days where I managed to read my Bible before jumping into the day. I was much calmer, happier, and a lot MORE patient. On the days I didn’t, I felt out of sorts, short-tempered, and maybe just a bit grumpier. So I’m going to keep this goal on my list for the foreseeable feature – until it becomes automatic!

3 Date Nights with Mikey: One of my favorite sayings regarding marriage and family is “If Mikey and I don’t work, then nothing does.”. Basically, if Mikey and I are not connected and in tune with one another – the other areas of our lives our negatively effective. And it is hard to stay connected when we are so busy with work, church, family demands, workouts, etc. Date nights – whether at home or out on town force us to slow down and focus on each other. So 3 of this will happen this month. I even have the first one lined up (shhh…don’t tell Mikey. It’s a surprise).

Paleo Challenge: Every meal, every day in February will be Paleo. That simple!

Mani/Pedi: I love manicures and pedicures but never get them done. I feel bad about spending money to pamper myself. However, it is okay to pamper myself every now in then. So before February is over, I’ll be rocking a new manicure and pedicure.

Guest Posting: If I want the readership of Redefining Kim to grown, then I need to reach out to more people. A great way to do this is to share my story via guest posts on other blogs. I have a few ideas of guest posts that I’d like to write, so I’m going to seek out those opportunities.

There you have it. I’m pretty happy with my efforts in January. I may not have achieved every goal, but I made a great effort.

What are your goals for February? I wanna hear them!

Favorite Things Friday: 3 Races I want to Run

Happy Friday!  The weekend is a mere 8 hours of work away – wahoo!  Monday was a holiday for me but instead of making the week seem shorter, it draaaaaaggggggggggggggeeeddd on, so I am excited to have the weekends in my sites.

I have to say running the Zooma Flordia 5K has given me the racing bug.  Sure, I had run three 5K’s prior to Zooma but they had all been in my hometown so there wasn’t  alot of surprise or excitement.  Zooma has me hungering to run a few destinations races and here are the 3 that I have my eye on.

10 miler

1. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler –  Described by the RunDisney website as “thrilling  nightime run along the streets haunted by Disney Villians” this run is on the top of my must-run-race list.  Yes, it is a longer distance than I have ever run before.  But I have a game plan that I’ll be sharing when I discuss February goals.  The bonus to this race:  Hubby has agreed to run it with me. And because it’s at Disney, we can take our daughter to the Magic Kingdom for the first time.


2.  The Pi Mile Road Race –  This 5K race happens on the campus of my alma Mater – Georgia Tech. Sponsored by the Georgia Tech Alumni Association, the annual Dean George C. Griffin Pi Mile 5K Road Race is one of the longest continually running races in Atlanta. It is named after former Dean of Students, George C. Griffin, in honor of his tenure as a track and cross country coach.  The race founder is alumnus L. McTier “Mac” Anderson, class of 1967.  The first race in 1973 was 3 miles long and was expanded to 3.14 miles after 1975—hence the Pi Mile.  I have wanted to participate in this race since I was a student but neither the time or my abilities have allowed me to run it.  2013 will be the year. The hubby and I are going to postpone our anniversary celebration (which is March 21st) till the weekend of the Pi Mile. We will run the race together and then spend the rest of the weekend touring Atlanta.


3. The Disney Princess Half Marathon – How can you not want to run a race that is described as “Fairytales do come true. One mile at a time. Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend brings women of all ages together to participate in a magical event designed just for them.”  One of my dearest friends Morghan is an avid runner and Orlando native. She has been pestering – uh I mean encouraging me – to train and run this race with her. And in 2014 Morghan will get her wish!

Are there any destination races you are dreaming of running? What about local events? Let me know about them in the comments!

January Goals

Happy New Year!  Anyone have a wild and crazy New Year’s Eve?  Mine was pretty low-key – attended church services then hung out at home with my hubby, daughter, and niece.   I love the first day of each new year… so full of promise and potential.

Last week, I shared my New Year’s Resolutions. In that post, I told you that I was taking a different approach to resolutions in 2013. I have 5 resolutions and each month I will be making goals that if met will move me closer to my resolutions. 

Here are January’s goals:

1. Read my Bible for 30 minutes each morning. I am using a guide that is supposed to help me read the Bible thru in a year. The set up has me  reading different books each day – which helps keep my interest.

2. Schedule 3 “date nights” with Mikey.

3.  Cook at least 3 new “healthy” recipes.

4.  I have a budding interest in fashion.  So this month, I am going to spend time putting together new outfits for existing items in my closet – and sharing them in a weekly post!

5.  Launch a weekly feature on Redefining Kim (more on this on Wednesday).

There you have it – my goals for January – and my first steps towards achieving my New Year’s Resolutions!

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? What about goals for this month? Goals for 2013?

2012 Review, 2013 Resolutions

The blogsphere is starting to fill up with posts about the year that is coming to a close and posts about goals and aspirations for the year that lies ahead.  I thought about not posting until after the New Year, as I did not want it to appear that I was just following the trend.

But 2012 was a really good year for me – and that deserves to be celebrated.  Here are the big events that made this year so special:

Yeah, 2012 was a good year. And I am optimistic that 2013 will be even better.  In years past, I wrote extensive and exhaustive New Year’s Resolutions – and then failed to meet them, which drove the perfectionist in me crazy.  This year, I’m doing things a little differently. I am setting 5 big “resolutions” . These 5 resolutions are based around the five things that matter most to me:  my faith, my family and friends, a healthy lifestyle, me as an individual, and this blog. Each month I will set smaller goals that will help me achieve those resolutions.

Resolution One: Deepen my faith and grow spiritually.

Resolution Two:  Strengthen the relationships of those that I love most in the world  – my family and friends.

Resolution Three:  Develop the healthiest lifestyle that I can. This includes embracing fitness, continuing to work on my relationship with food, and getting more comfortable in the kitchen.

Resolution Four:   Do things just for me!

Resolution Five:  Grow Redefining Kim’s readership.

What are your favorite moments from 2012?  Least favorite?  Any goals or resolutions for 2013?