Meet the Family

Hi! I’m Kim – a 31-year-old healthcare executive living in a rural community in Southeast Georgia. I am a lover of running, workout DVD’s, and anything chocolate. I detest (and perhaps hate) negative self-talk, the word FAT, running in south Georgia summers, and mosquitoes. I am married to a wonderful man and Mama to a spunky little girl.

These are the two loves of my life. The handsome gentleman is Micheal, my husband of almost four years, a.k.a Mikey, hubby, and my best friend. Micheal has always been a figure in my life – we grew up together, had classes together, and he once dated a close friend of mine. While there was always a connection, the timing just never worked out between us.  Finally, in 2008 we were both single and it didn’t take long for the sparks to start flying. We started dating, ran our first 5K together in June, got engaged in October, and were married in March of 2009.  And since we like to take on multiple life changes at one time, we got pregnant just 3 months into marriage. And 9 months later welcomed our daughter Joycelen Rebecca (a.k.a. Joycie) into the world.

Joycie is a vibrant, spunky, fun-loving kid. She loves to color, dance, sing, jump on the bed, and embrace all that life has to offer. She teaches me daily how to see the beauty in others, to believe in myself, and to laugh (loudly and often).  I in return am trying to teach her that she is beautiful on the inside and out, that being strong and healthy is more important than being skinny, and that nobody should ever make her feel bad about herself.


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