Workout It Out Wednesday: Best Body Bootcamp Week 6 and a DVD Review

I have entered the final phase of Round 4 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I have to marvel at how quickly the time has gone. I would credit that to the fact that Tina changes up the workouts every two weeks which drastically reduced the chance of boredom or burnout.

For Week 6 the suggested schedule was as follows:

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Cardio 20 min quick steady state Cardio Intervals Optional 20-30 Moderate Cardio Cardio Intervals 20 min quick steady state Optional Cardio Day
Strength Strength A Core Strength B Core Strength C  

 Not only is Tina big on changing up the workouts, she stresses that we should be flexible and make the workouts work for us.  So instead of doing the cardio workouts that Tina suggested in her plan, I either ran or a did a new to me workout DVD, Burlesque Jazzercise.

The Burlesque Jazzercise DVD was an impulse by a few weeks ago when I was browsing the fitness aisles at my local Walmart.  I never took dance as a child – but have fallen in love with it as an adult (evidenced by the dozens of dance workout dvd’s I own).  Moreover, one of my favorite bloggers, http://pbfingers.comis always raving about Jazzercise so I decided to buy it.

I took the DVD for it’s first spin last Monday.  The warm-up started out slowly…according to my Bodybugg I was only burning 2 calories per minute.  The workout was supposed to be just 20 minutes which left me wondering if I would get a decent calorie burn or not.  But then the instructor (Shanna) started into the heart of the workout. And my own heart rate jumped up!

The choreography is pretty simple – hip wiggles, sexy walks, twists, etc. – nothing that would really require a dance background. I will say the pace is fast, so you might want to watch the DVD a few times to really get comfortable with the steps.  For me, I ended up burning roughly 130 calories in 20 minutes which was a great burn!

The only negative I have to say about this DVD is that there is no true cooldown or stretching post workout.  I had to do those on my own.  But aside from that, I was quite happy with this workout. In fact, I am considering purchasing a few more Jazzercise DVD’s to add to my collection.

Your turn:  Have you ever tried Jazzercise?  Do you own any dance type workout DVD’s?


Work it Out Wednesday: #BestBodyBootcamp Week 4

It’s a busy Wednesday on this end of the computer screen, so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet.  I hope ya’ll won’t hold it against me.

Starting Weight: 150

Current Weight: 144

Favorite Strength Move from Week 4: One Leg Deadlift

Alright, off to tackle my ever growing to-do list. Do you have a favorite strength move? Share it in the comments!

Work it Out Wednesday: Best Body Bootcamp Week 1

Good morning!  I hope this Wednesday morning finds you enjoying a beautiful day.  I am sitting here at my computer, sipping on piping hot cup of coffee, and savoring the silence.  My days are often hectic, busy, and LOUD so I really cherish the few moments of quiet each morning before the day really gets start.

So last Monday, Tina  launched Round 4 of her famous #BestBodyBootcamp.  And boy did week 1 kick my butt….  But before we get to that, let’s take a look at my official starting point.

start of bootcamp

My offical starting weight was 150. I wanted to take measurements but time got away from me. I will take measurements today and share them next week.  Bootcamp is 8 weeks long, so my goal is to lose 8 pounds brining me to a finishing weight of 142.

Now, let’s talk about the workouts.  Can you say challenging?  Each week, Tina gives the participants 3 weight workout and 2 cardio workouts, with the option of adding a 3rd cardio workout in if you are feeling up to it.  For the first phase (each bootcamp is broken into 4 2-week phases), the weight workouts were comprised of 2 full body + cardio circuit workouts and a core + cardio circuit.  The cardio workouts were 2 interval workouts that are scaleable to each person’s fitness level.

Since I am babying my knee right now, I opted to use the treadmill and walk for my interval workouts.  Following Tina’s guidelines, I managed to burn close to 250 calories in a mere 40 minutes – just walking.  That’s pretty good.  And by week’s end, every muscle group in my body was sore – indicating that I had been challenged.

While the workouts repeat in the first and second week of each phase, Tina makes minor tweaks – like changing the lifting count – which keeps your body guessing and alleviates boredom.  And just about the time, you think you’ve got it ….BAM…..a new phase starts along with new workouts.

Okay, so can you tell I’m a fan of #BestBodyBootcamp??  If working up a good sweat and having sore muscles wasn’t motivation enough, I have dropped 2 lbs in the first week of bootcamp.  WOW!

Well, I hear my daughter calling which means it’s time for cartoons and cuddles.  I’ll catch ya later.

So tell me, have you every done Tina’s #bestbodybootcamp?  What workout are you loving this week?

Weekly Workouts – 1/7 – 1/13

Good morning everyone! How is it Sunday already?  The weekend seems to just fly by for me.  Anyways, I hope you had and are having a fantastic weekend.  My weekend has been pretty good.  Friday night, the hubby, daughter and I just lounged around on the couch watching football.   We all went to bed pretty early in attempt to catch up on the sleep that we had missed due to the holidays.  It worked!

I woke up around 8:30 Saturday morning refreshed and eager for my 5K run.  I met my running group at the local track and 9.  We did a quick warmup on the track (it was 32 degrees so we want to loosen up our muscles before we ran) and then headed to the 5K course.  I started out strong but a quarter of a mile in my left knee began to bug me.  By half a mile the little nagging pain had turned into a full-blown throbbing/stabbing pain.  I walked for another quarter of a mile and attempted to run again.  But my the first mile marker it was clear that running was not an option.  I told my running group that I was going to walk the rest of the way and encouraged them to go on. But those girls stuck right with me. Love them!

My knee has been feeling a bit stiff after longer runs for a few weeks.  I have tried to baby it with extra icing post-run, stretching, extra rest days, and even some e-stem treatments.  However, the knee is still angry. This morning it is swollen, stiff, and painful to walk on.  The last time I had these symptoms I was diagnosed with tendonitis and forced to take a full 8 weeks off from everything!

My running group and I are scheduled to run the ZoomaRun 5K in two weeks.  We have been planning this run (and the associated trip) for nearly months. In an effort to get my knee better for them, I am avoiding all runs and any high impact cardio for the next 2 weeks. I will then take an additional 2 weeks off after the ZoomaRun.   Following the rest period, I will slowly add running back in – 1 run per week in February, 2 runs per week in March, and then back to 3 runs per week in April and forward.

So if I am not running – what will I be doing in the way of workouts?  Best Body Bootcamp as created by Tina. Round 4 of Best Body Bootcamp launches tomorrow.  And the workouts are scaleable – which means I can do them while my knee heals.  Here are my weekly workouts:

ww 1-7 thru 1-13


For the cardio circuit and interval workouts, I will be doing walking. I will either change the speed or incline to create my intervals. I have done Tina’s workouts in the past and gotten a great burn without the impact, so I am feeling positive that Best Body Bootcamp will keep me on track while my knee heals. 

Alright, time for me to get a cup of coffee and wake up the rest of the family.  Have a great day, ya’ll!

Tell me about your workouts for the upcoming week.  Are you dealing with any injuries?