Favorite Things Friday: Blog Posts You MUST Read

By the time this post goes live, I’ll be sitting at my desk furiously working and counting down to 5:00 p.m.  I love each and every weekend but I’m looking forward to the upcoming one even more because it’s the weekend of the….

ZoomRUN 5K and Half-Marathon

That’s right – tonight I and 3 of my closest girlfriends will be loading up in an SUV and heading to sunny Amelia Island, FL to enjoy a mocktail party, yoga, shopping…or yeah and a 5K race.  We’ve reserved a room at The Ritz Carlton, so we’ll have 48 glorious hours of pretending we are rich, famous, and carefree women. 🙂

So while I keep one eye on my work and one eye on the clock, why don’t ya’ll click the links below and read 4 blog posts that spoke to me this week.

1. Life of a Binge Eater – It Starts Slow:  The ever funny, totally cute, and inspiring Emily shares with us her experiences with binge eating. In this eloquent post, Emily outlines how her disorder started slow and grew. She shares some advice on how to determine if you are headed towards BED.

2. Four Steps to Becoming an Early Bird:  Mizfit shares her advice on how to adopt the habit of becoming a morning exerciser.

3.  A $49,286.25 Gift: Robbie the witty, somewhat sarcastic, and all around bada$$ behind Fat Girl vs. World shares about the gift that her recent surgery has afforded her and challenges each of us to make every moment count.NOW!

4. Brat: Krissie talks about getting out of her own way so that she can have the things she really wants.

Any blog posts that I missed? Leave them in the comments and I’ll check them out on Sunday afternoon!


Day 26 #NHBPM: A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Prompts:  Interview your health or Make a chart/meme/poster and blog about it.

It’s Monday – and maybe it is the post-holiday hangover, the business of the day ahead, or a general lack of sleep but I could not come up with any quality posts related to today’s prompts.  Therefore, I am going to use a bonus prompt and share with you a few of my favorite blogs

MizFit – Carla is a wife, mother, and all around fitness guru. Her blog was actually the very first health/fitness blog that I read. I was inspired by how she lives out her beliefs and models healthy living for her daughter. I fell in love with her concept of “play-outs” and try to do this with my own daughter. Her wit, her rhymes, and her rebel style always make for a great read.

YummySushiPJ’s – Heather’s blog is a relatively new one for me – as I’ve only been reading it for about 2 months. But in that short time span, it has grown to be one of my favorites. Heather has endured the loss of her beautiful baby boy Aodin, an eventful pregnancy and birth of her daughter Evi, and unexplained stomach issues. Thru it all she has remained passionate about embracing healthy living.

My Thunder Thighs – Elisha and I met at Fitbloggin. I had never heard of her blog until the night we met. But as soon as I heard the title, I looked it up on my smart phone and began devouring her posts. As a single mom with a full-time job, Elisha has a lot of balls to juggle.  She openly blogs about her struggles, her past demons, and her dreams for her future.  Her honesty is refreshing and reminds us that healthy living is a constant journey – not a final destination.

Simplifying Sammie –  Sam began her healthy living journey at 475 pounds.  She is now under 300 pounds, a certified Zumba instructor, and all around fun loving girl. Sam shares with her readers her battled with PCOS and thyroid issues, and reminds us that healthy looks different on everyone.

 I could write about at least another dozen blogs that I love. But these 4 ladies are the blogs I read every.single.day. They have all inspired and encouraged me. I think you will find them inspiring and encouraging as well. So click the links and show them some love.

Day 25 #NHBPM: Living a Legacy

Prompts: Write about what you want to happen to your blog/community when you die or How have your goals as a patient/advocate/person evolved?

When I started this blog back in the summer I had no true vision or goal – aside from wanting to document my journey thru healthy living. I suppose I saw this blog as a means of accountability and a way to capture the trials and triumphs that came along the way.  Now, almost 5 months into blogging, this blog has grown into an outlet for me – a way to decompress from trying times, a means to develop community – I have met some truly inspiring and amazing people thanks to this blog, and a way to inspire – I share my story with Facebook Followers and have had several friends reach out to me for advice.

Most journey have a final destination – a point where you say “I’m here.”  That’s not true in healthy living, it is a live long process.  Therefore, I intend for this blog to be around for as long as I am.  And when I’m gone, I hope that this blog will live on.  My dream is that my life will be an example for my daughter, Joycie, and that when she grows older she can join me in managing this blog.

If I close my eyes and imagine this blog when I’m gone, I see Joycie blogging about the lessons I taught her and the lessons she is passing on to those around her.  I guess I want this blog to be part of my legacy to her.

If you are a blogger, what would you want to happen to your blog upon your death?