Weekly Workouts: 1-28 thru 2-3

workouts week of jan 28


What workouts will you be doing this week?


Weekly Workouts: 10/15/12 – 10/21/12

I ended my post yesterday with a promise to be back later in the evening to share my weekly workout plan. However, life got in the way and I was unable to make it to my blog until today.  But better late than never….right?

The first week of figure competition training was intense.  Due to muscle fatigue and soreness, I was only able to complete 3 of the 6 workouts that my training plan called for.  Frustrated and disappointed in myself, I reached out to Terry.  He assured me that lots of people struggle in the beginning and suggested I scale back my lifting workouts to 3 times per week until my fitness level increased. He also recommended that I aim for 5 – 30 minute cardio sessions per week. Since I am already running 3 times per week for 30 to 45 minutes, I only have to add in an additional 2 cardio sessions.  With all that being said, here is my training plan for the week:

  •  Monday:  2.2 mile run with my running group
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes of Jump Sport Trampoline work and Week 2, Workout #1
  • Wednesday:  30 minutes of cardio – either walking on treadmill or Zumba
  • Thursday: 2.2 mile run with my running group
  • Friday: Week 2, Workout #2
  • Saturday: 5K run
  • Sunday: Week 2, Workout #3

 This training plan is still challenging but seems more manageable with both my schedule and my fitness level.

What do your workouts  look like this week?