About Redefining Kim

It seems to me that for the majority of my life – I have allowed myself to be defined by others. At my birth, my parents christened me “Kimberly Joyce” and while I love my name…I have always wondered if I would have chosen something different if given the choice.

When I started school, I allowed myself to be defined by my teachers and my classmates. My teachers labeled me as “gifted”, “advanced”, “a future valedictorian”. Meanwhile my classmates defined me as “teacher’s pet”, “nerd”, “geek“, and each of those definitions shaped the decisions I made, the actions I took, and how I viewed myself.

But I grew up, moved away from my tiny hometown, and began my collegiate career. It was there that I let a string of boyfriend define my self-worth, and then a horrific eating disorder define me as “unworthy”, “fat”, “ugly”, and things I don’t even want to tell you I called myself.

Thankfully, after 5 years of living in bulimia HELL, a good friend encourage me to get help.  And I did.  As I moved thru therapy, I began to define who I was, what I thought about myself, what I wanted out of life. I had finally reached the point of self-acceptance.  I ended a toxic relationship, moved back to my hometown to regroup, met a boy, fell in love, got married, and had a baby — all in the span of 2 years.

Whew – are you tired yet?

Life settled into a routine of work, family, workouts. It was the same routine everyday but I loved my roles of wife and mommy.  But as my 30th birthday loomed, I realized that I had began to lose some of my identity. I was not doing the things I enjoyed as much – so that I could I  fulfill these self-imposed expectations of being a wife and mother.  So I started Redefining Kim. 

It is my way of declaring to the world “I define me”.  And I want to define myself as healthy, strong, beautiful, smart, funny, and on and on.  I also want to use this blog to show other wives and mothers – that it is possible to be fit and healthy while juggling the demands of a career and family.  And no, it does not mean you have to run for hours on end, take dozens of Cross-Fit classes, or eat super restrictive diets.  It simply means doing a little pre-plan so that you have time for daily physical activity, a choice of healthy meal options, and the drive to treat yourself with respect.

I am happy that you have found my corner of the blog world and looking forward to you sharing this journey with me!

Updated:  A year and a half after starting this blog, I’m back after a looooooong blogging hiatus. Now, I find myself busy with a new career, a slight obsession with Crossfit, and baby #2 on the way.  This little space has been my outlet and now that life has gotten even CRAZIER (but oh so blessed), I realized that I was ready to come back and share the next stage of my journey. Thanks for sharing the ride with me!


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