Life After the Holidays

Another Christmas has come and gone. Did you have a great holiday?  I did – I spent it with my amazing family and wonderful friends. There were presents, good food, laughter, and lots of memories made.  But now it is time to return to the normal routine of work, home life, and attempting to live a healthy lifestyle.

In years past, I dreaded the day after Christmas. It would be the day that I stepped on the scale and saw a HUGE jump in my weight due to too many holiday indulgences and a lack of activity.  Then I would spend the next week beating myself up, making grandiose New Year’s resolutions, and start the New Year off in a funk.

Not this year.

Before the holidays got in full swing, I set one simple goal – to not gain any weight.  I knew that losing weight admist a sea of buffet dinners, cookies, cakes, and homemade pies was possible – but not probable – and would likely make me a Scrooge.  I vowed to listen to my body – eat when I was hungry, enjoy treats in moderation, and to move as much as possible throughout the holidays.

And I did.

And the scale this morning….shows the same weight I was last week – which is lower than what I was on Thanksgiving.

I’m happy.

No funk here.

Now I can focus on making specific goals for 2013 – that have nothing to do with the number on the scale.



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